Your luxury scones are a delight on the taste buds, bringing a little bit of Wales to Staffordshire. I have family in Wales and it brings back happy memories. We all love your scones and are so please we can now purchase them local to us. Hope you have a happy and prosperous 2013.

D Fitzgerald, 14th February 2013



I have just viewed your company website - I live in Cheshire and have visited north Wales for years as I am a very keen hill-walker. I once bought a Bara Brith loaf way back in 1999 in the spar/co-op store in Bethesda and I loved it, however I didn't recall who made it and in the years since I never found another Bara Brith to match it for taste until this week - I was driving through Bala en route to Cadair Idris and by chance, stopped at the co-op store to buy some sundries. There on the shelf was your Bara Brith cake (it was in a green half-box) and I have to say it is truly the best fruit cake I have bought, matching that never-forgotten loaf I bought in Bethesda all those years ago....! I bake my own cakes at home so I appreciate a good 'cake', and your Bara Brith cake is wonderful!!!

Phil Williams, 7th September 2012



This is a short note to say I recently purchased some of your Spiced Welsh Cakes from the Bootle branch of Aldi in Merseyside. I would just like to say how delicious they were. This is the first time I have tried them, but it will not be the last and I will certainly be recommending them to my friends and family.

Mr GP Bailey, 20th December 2010



I wish to say how much my family and I have enjoyed your "Victoria Sponge". I have baked my sponge recipe for over 50 years and consider myself an expert (according to two grown up grandsons) but yours is excellent. Please continue to supply Aldi in Wrexham, where I bought your sponge. Maybe one with jam only could also prove a favourite.

Josephine Smullen, 24th November 2010



Just a few lines to congratulate you on your superb Victoria Sandwich. Words are not enough to describe your excellent confection. May I request your consideration on producing a lemon curd version, I am sure it would sell well. P.S. I am sure the tang of lemon would enhance the flavour of your sponge cake and butter cream. If you do produce a lemon curd version, I would be only to pleased to offer my services as a taste adjudicator. I would of course come to the bakery if it was allowed.

David Rose, 8th November 2010



Just a short letter to express our delight in your Bara Brith. My neighbour has just returned from a holiday in Wales. She bought back, as a gift a Bara Brith, baked in your bakery. We thought it tasted delicious, the best cake we had eaten in a very long time, moist, full of fruit, and just wonderful. I would like to buy another one, can you inform me if it is at all possible to buy the same in England and where. It really is good to know that quality and taste still exists. My husband and I love Wales and its food; keep up the good work, quality will always be appreciated.

Mrs. L Thornhill, 12th August 2010



We holiday in Barmouth frequently and stayed there over the Christmas and New Year Period. I bought two packs of your Mince Pies in the Co-Op there and am now writing to congratulate you on making the best Mince Pies I have ever tasted. They really are delicious, so much so this I bought more packs to bring home with me. I had bought various mince pies here in my area before Christmas and was disappointed in them, but you certainly have the best recipe for them!! Please don't ever alter this recipe because you have it just right! From an extremely satisfied customer.

Julian & Bishop Statham, 18th January 2010



My Wife and I have recently returned from a very enjoyable holiday in Wales where we were catering for ourselves or eating out. Whilst there we purchased a Granary Farmhouse loaf at the Co-Op Store in Machynlleth and we both felt that we had to take the opportunity of writing to you to congratulate your bakery on the production of an outstanding loaf of bread in its quality, flavour and texture. We hope your bakery will continue to operate successfully for another 109 years.

Kenneth Wall, 27th May 2009



I've never written to tell someone their "product" was good before, but your Viennese Mince Pies are so tasty that my husband and I agreed we should thank you. He loves mince pies and I always make my own but  we liked the look of the Viennese pies in Aldi and so bought four in a pack. You have the recipe just right and they were baked perfectly from top to bottom. Please say thank you to all your team for an excellent product - a delicious mince pie.

Lynn Roberts, 24th November 2008

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